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FAQs for Buyers

On every single product page there is an “Ask a Question” tab.  Use this to ask questions about a product. You will receive a reply direct from the store owner.  If you have a query about your order then you can contact the store through “My Account” Dashboard.

You can track your order through “My Account”.  The seller will update at each stage of the process until the order is complete.

If you have a query with your order then in the first instance contact the seller and let them know what the issue is.  They will do their best to put things right.  If an issue cannot be settled between yourselves then you can raise a dispute and Bonnigifts will look into it.  To raise a dispute please click here

At Bonnigifts we aim to give first class service.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site then please let us know and we will look into it.  Click here.

Support for Sellers

If you have a query about your membership then please email us here.

Viewing Orders

To view orders that have been placed, go to Orders Dashboard left menu. At the top of this screen you can view the standard filter and search area. A list of orders appears in order of date made:

At the far right of each order are actions you can perform on the row:

  • View
  • Mark as Shipped
  • Delete

Fulfilling Orders

Once an order has been received and payment has been confirmed, then you will need to get the item ready for shipping.  Make sure it is well packed and despatched securely and safely.

If possible, add a note to the buyer thanking them for their purchase and encourage them to leave feedback.

Once the item has been shipped, update its status in the Orders Dashboard.

Order Issues

By Seller

If, for some reason, you are unable to fulfil the order then you will need to get in touch with the buyer as soon as possible.  You will also need to issue a refund.  Don’t forget to update the Order Dashboard with any actions you take.

By Buyer

If, for some reason, the buyer has changed their mind about purchasing the item then, depending on your store policies, you will need to get in touch with the buyer and work out an amicable outcome.  Don’t forget to update the Order Dashboard with any actions you take.

To set up your store policies:

  1. On Bonnigifts, click Store Manager.
  2. Click the settings tab on the left side panel.
  3. Scroll to the Store Policies

Your store policies have several sections.

  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy

When you’re ready to publish your store policies, click Save.

1. Shipping (Delivery)

Processing time: To give buyers a clear idea of how long it takes for you to prepare an order, you should include a processing time. Costs and processing times are shown on individual product pages.

Estimated delivery times: You can add estimated delivery times to let buyers know how long it will take an item to reach various destinations. Try to include an accurate range to take into account the slowest delivery time and fastest delivery time.

2. Refunds

State here the circumstances in which you will process a refund taking into account any distance selling regulations that apply in the country in which your store is trading.  You can also state here whether you will give refunds on customised or personalised items.

3. Returns & Exchanges

State here the circumstances in which you will accept returns or exchanges taking into account any distance selling regulations that apply in the country in which your store is trading.  You can also state here whether you will accept returns or exchanges on customised or personalised items.

Promoting your store is essential to your success.  There are articles in Knowledgebase on using SEO, Social Media and Coupons to attract buyers to your Store.  Check them out, especially the article on SEO, before you start adding products.

There are a few ways to communicate with customers. 

  1. Enquiries

Though you create store products with lots of information and details, customers may still want to ask specific questions about a product.  Enquiry manager will add an “Ask a Question” tab on every single product page.  Customers can ask queries from here. 

Whenever an enquiry is posted, a notification will be sent to you.  You will be able to pick this up via email notification, direct message or through the Inquiry Dashboard at the right of the top bar.  A little number will appear if you have any enquiries.

Under the “Enquiries” tab on each single product page customers are able to view previously asked queries and replies.  This saves them the trouble of having to contact you with a query that has already been answered.

  1. Email

When an order is placed you can see all the customer information to complete the order.  You can contact the customer through email if you have any queries or want to offer a promotion, etc.

  1. Support Ticket

If a customer has a query about their order then, as an alternative, they can obtain a support ticket.  Customers may file a support ticket from their “My Account -> Orders page.”  There will be a new “Support Ticket” tab under My Account for a customer to check their tickets. You will have a new menu item under your Dashboard named “Support” to navigate the Support Dashboard.  You will see support tickets only for your products.

The Support Ticket System allows the customer to post their queries at one go. They simply have to choose the query category, the product they have queries about, and the urgency, and write down the query in detail. They will be issued a ticket, and will be notified when a reply is posted. They can change the query priority and status in “My Account”, and add replies if required.

At Bonnigifts we try to keep fees down as much as possible.  That’s why we use Stripe for payments as their fees are very reasonable and is easily integrated into our payment system.

Connecting to Stripe

  • Connect your Bonnigifts account to Stripe by clicking: My Account > Store Manager.
  • Then on the Store Manager dashboard click: Settings > Store Settings > Payment Tab

When you click the connect with Stripe button it will take you to a short form to fill out.  Completing the form is the only thing you need to do to setup Stripe. After you complete the form you are all set to add products and receive payments.

If you already have a Stripe account then enter your Stripe account email address on the form.

Do I need to be a registered business?

No, you don’t need to be a registered business to set up a Stripe account.  On the Stripe setup form select “Individual/Sole Trader” for the Type of Business.

For Business Description, if you can’t see an option that suits your business then just select: “Retail > Other Merchandise”. For your address use your home address.

I am not receiving the SMS can you help?

If you do not receive the SMS message from Stripe when creating a new account, please click here for Stripe support.

There is lots of information about setting up your store or configuring settings in Knowledgebase which can be found on the top right of your dashboard (it’s the little book icon).  If you can’t find what you are looking for there then please email us here.